Susan is a best selling author, leadership expert and co-Founder of Mind Gardener, who is passionate about practising and teaching the skills of living in the present moment. She is evangelical about guiding people to make everyday moments a meditation. For more than a decade she has introduced her mind gardening techniques into some of Australia’s largest and most high profile businesses. She lives to change the way people think. 

A quarter life crisis, a shopping trip to New York, and a chance meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama lead to the discovery of her life’s purpose: to wake up the world. Susan swapped clothes shopping for spiritual shopping, exploring everything from quantum physics and neuroscience to crystals and chakras. And Susan found one core truth that she now teaches people in all walks of life: the need to get out of your head and fully connected into your life.

Her best selling book, Wired for Life; Retrain Your Brain and Thrive, continues to inspire people to let go of the five fears that hold them back in work and life. Her latest book, Do Less Be More, focuses on what really matters with 21 practical ways to slow down and unleash your potential. Susan’s third book, One Moment Please; It’s Time to Pay Attention, has already been described internationally as a “real wake-up call”.

Susan is passionate about waking up the world and she is regularly called upon to inspire as a keynote speaker all over Australia and internationally. Susan is Chair Of The Board for Share the Dignity, one of Australia’s fastest growing charities. She has been interviewed and appeared in many TV segments, magazines, newspapers, documentaries and online media. 

Her passion is to teach people the power and skills of being in the present moment – in business and life. Susan delivers practical advice on this most essential skill for our times, and through her life-changing programs and trusted advice, Susan is recognised for showing people how to wake up and live fully.  She is passionate about bringing forward a new way of leading in the world and valuing feminine as well as masculine traits. She is a co-creator of The Womens Business School, the first global school to teach business the feminine way. 

Susan has worked with many public and private companies around Australia including:

She's been featured in many magazines and media including: