Mind Gardener®’s Conscious Leadership™ program has been transforming businesses and the lives of thousands of leaders for over a decade.   Drawing from the very latest in brain science it is designed for people who want to thrive in a leadership role. To be a great leader, you must understand not only what makes others tick, but what makes you tick personally. This is the key to reaching your full potential and becoming significant in your own authentic way.

Because everything you do starts first in the brain, a great leader must understand how the brain really works. This opens the door to new approaches and more powerful ways of achieving results. You become more effective in engaging and motivating people, introducing change, and inspiring higher levels of team performance and customer service.  You also become more effective in influencing change in your organisation.

The Conscious Leadership™ program is structured into 3 modules:

Leading Self - build self awareness and switch on the mind

Leading Others - exploring engagement, performance and change

Leading in Your Organisation - exploring strategy, culture, influence and role modelling

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The Conscious Leadership program is life changing and very insightful. It gives you the confidence to move out of your comfort zone, accept new challenges and be connected. The knowledge and insight has helped me to lead people with confidence and respect and as a result I have recently been successful in a promotion.
— Participant 2015