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An Introduction to Conscious Leadership - Brisbane

The first mindfulness based leadership program in Australia

Changing the business, culture and personal lives of thousands of leaders over 16 years

“The workshop is very applicable to all areas of life. I was able to understand the brain further, and will use that to enhance my leadership skills. I feel invigorated to be a better leader. ”

2018 participant

The new business world is characterized by unpredictability, complexity, fast paced change and disruption. This environment requires a new style of leadership, one that favours collaboration, care, intuition and present moment awareness.

In this two day workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why your mindset is key to business success, and how you can cultivate the right approach
  • The practical skill of mindfulness, and how to overcome distractions so you can focus on the things that matters most
  • The neuroscience of engagement and change, and how you can switch people so they bring their best to every situation
  • How to lead with purpose, and positively engage staff and customers
  • The habits you need to let go of to thrive in the new business environment

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8:40 AM08:40

Gold Coast Symposium - QLD Law Society

Resilience and focus

Presenter: Susan Pearse, Mind Gardener

The average person spends nearly half their time 'mind wandering', doing one thing but thinking about something else. This skyrockets to 60% when they are at work!  Attention spans have shrunk, distraction is growing, and the simple act of paying attention is being lost.  A leader with resilience and focus can significantly boost performance, productivity, engagement and relationships in their workplace.

This session will change the very relationship you have with distractions, busyness, and the overwhelm of modern business life.  You will leave with practical skills for:

•           taming a busy mind

•           dealing with stress and overwhelm

•           focusing on the right things in a busy work environment.

With a renewed sense of control over your choices, your time and your energy, you’ll be able to use these skills to transform business productivity.




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Powerful, Spiritual and Feminine Leadership Summit
8:00 AM08:00

Powerful, Spiritual and Feminine Leadership Summit

Join Susan for her awe-inspiring conversation with Lisa Fitzpatrick on uplifting women to step more powerfully and intentionally into mindful leadership.

Through the conversation you will learn:

How experiencing yoga rage and seeing the Dalai Lama doing nothing stirred Susan’s life purpose - How ancient practices are more relevant than ever, because people just aren’t coping with the current paradigm - What we need to do to overcome overwhelm in an age of information - How a simple practice of mindfulness for just one minute three times a day can change your brain and transform your life - How mindful feminine leadership is paving the way for greater levels of compassion and more purpose-driven companies working for the good of the world and the good of society. - Why feminine leadership is not just for women.

 The online summit begins 15th May. Claim your spot Register now for free. You don't want to miss this!!

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Sistahood Co - SHE LEADS
8:30 AM08:30

Sistahood Co - SHE LEADS

Redefine the way you live, love, parent and lead. The SHE LEADS Leadership conference is a vehicle to engage and inspire women to reach their full potential and create a new road map for being a positive influence. Listen to Susan speak and challenge people to question the need for busyness in their life. You can actually achieve more by doing less. Find out how you can focus on what matters, slow down, avoid burnout and overwhelm and at the same time tap into potential that you never knew you had.

No matter who you are SHE LEADS is an event for you. You don't want to miss this.

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Mind Gardener Retreat

This 3 night retreat at beautiful Currumbin Beach on the Gold Coast will help to step up to the next level - whether that's in business or your personal life.  You'll learn how to identify and let go of the obstacles that are holding you back and how to tap into your full potential. Find out more here and apply to book your place here.

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9:15 AM09:15

Women Communicating with Influence

Right now the world needs the strengths you bring to the table as a woman.  But many women find it hard to speak their truth particularly in environments where "their way" is not encouraged.  It's time to learn a new way and bring your full gifts to the world!

This session will help you to develop communication strategies that ensure your perspective is heard and understood. In this session you will uncover the blockages that might be holding you back from communicating clearly and assertively, and tips for communicating with confidence and impact to exert real influence in meetings and discussions.

In this session we will explore the skills and tools behind:

  • getting your voice heard in a loud and distracted environment.
  • having difficult conversations, 
  • asking the right questions,
  • courage, discomfort and the blockers to speaking the truth,
  • making sure your communication has impact.

You will also have a chance to practice your new found skills!

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9:15 AM09:15

The Practical Art of Surrender

In this practical one day workshop you will learn:

  • the practical skills of surrendering - how to turn an aspiration into some real steps
  • mindfulness techniques that will support this process
  • how to let go of control in a way that is friendly to your brain!
  • an insight into the leverage points that support surrender - your inner purpose
  • Some daily rituals that will guide you

More information can be found here, and you can secure your place now here.

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