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This is a picture of a place that is special to me.  I'm an extreme ocean lover.  I visit with my family every opportunity I get.  Which is at least four times a year for a block of time because I like to work seasonally, in flow with the natural rhythms of life.  In fact nature taught me almost all I needed to know to run world class leadership programs which I have been doing for almost twenty years. You can learn so much more about presence, innovation, flow, connection, letting go and adapting, from living systems than you can from workplaces and machines.

This is the place where I also like to write books and it's where I usually get ideas for many more books. I am a best selling Hay House author of Wired for Life: retrain your brain and thrive, One Moment Please: it's time to pay attention, and more recently Do Less Be More: ban busy and make space for what matters. I was very lucky to find a like minded friend and creative collaborator early in my career.  These three books were written with Martina Sheehan.  In fact, we wrote the last chapter of One Moment Please chatting and staring at this view! 

I love what I do. I love waking people up to the realisation that there is a way to run a profitable business or enjoy a successful career, that doesn't have to come at a cost to a joyful life. 

I didn't always love what I do. In fact a couple of decades ago I had a "quarter life" crisis. It was my search for happiness and meaning that ultimately set me on the path today. And led me on some interesting detours.  I met His Holiness the Dalai Lama after stalking (and introducing myself to) Richard Gere on one adventure. In another, I studied quantum physics in a beautiful Italian village. The red wine over lunch made the concepts easier to get my head around! I explored philosophy and neuroscience but also went to the other side and explored chakra and energy healing, kundalini dance, ancient feminine wisdom and shamanic traditions. All of these roads led to the same conclusion - the need for the most important skill of today's times - to get out of your head and connected to the present moment.  To this end I co-founded Mind Gardener with Martina.

Today my work is divided between writing, running leadership programs, speaking at conferences and working with companies who want to embrace a new style of leading. And visiting the ocean.